Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Magic Items of the World Between

Arrows of Her Dreaming Majesty – These enchanted arrows are said to have been blessed by Her Dreaming Majesty of the River Ophelium; they appear to be finely-crafted arrows with and ancient script written upon their shafts. They function as +1 arrows, but when an Arrow of Her Dreaming Majesty is fired at an opponent it splits into 1d6 arrows that strike the target or adjacent foes. These arrows are usually found in groups of 2d6.

The Warpsword – This grim-looking two-handed sword is crafted from a sharpened piece of demonstone. When swung in combat it warps through space and time; thus, it is difficult to defend against and any foe counts as being unarmored for the purpose of to-hit rolls when using the Warpsword. However, if an attack from the Warpsword hits its target, the wielder must make a successful Saving Throw vs. Poison or suffer an immediate random mutation due to the strange mutational aura given off by the blade.

Lesser Leaden Amulet of Mutational Protection – This dull gray amulet gives the wearer a +3 bonus to all Saving Throws made against the effects of magical radiation and other mutational effects.

Greater Leaden Amulet of Mutational Protection – This dull gray amulet makes the wearer immune to magical radiation and other mutational effects.

The Doom Axe of Malrodian – This viciously-serrated hand axe was wielded by the legendary fomorian warrior Malrodian, but may be used as a two-handed weapon by creatures of human size. It is a +1 weapon for purposes to to-hit and damage rolls. When the axe's command word is spoken by its wielder it grants them the ability to regenerate as per a troll for ten rounds; this ability may only be used once per day.

Collar of the Shae Chieftains – These golden, jeweled collars were given to the great clan chieftains of the Shae Isle by the archfey. They bestow upon their wearer a +3 bonus to all Saving Throws vs. Spells and make the wearer immune to fear effects.

Hellish Sacrificial Dagger of Matakhan – These highly-ornate daggers are said to have been blessed by Matakhan, and are thus prized by the cultists who serve the Demon Queen of Assassins. These daggers function as +1 weapons; additionally, for each human killed, the dagger gains an additional +1 to-hit and damage (up to a maximum of +10) for a twenty-four hour period. These additional bonuses disappear at the next sunrise.

Sluurgian Death's Head – These desiccated and gruesome items are trophies made from the decapitated heads of enemies of the cult of Sluurge. Once per day the head's mouth may be pried open to release a thick cloud of flies that encompass a 60' circle around the head. These flies cause the enemies of the head's bearer to take a -2 penalty to all to-hit rolls and make spell-casting within the 60' circle impossible. The radius of flies travels with the head, but the effect only lasts for 2d4 rounds.


  1. Very nice. I especially like the Warpsword.

    1. Thanks! Right now one of my players is in possession of the Warpsword but is saving it to use against a greater demon for fear to mutating.