Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Horrowhock Asylum, The Pale Obelisk, The Queen's School

Continuing our series of locations of note in the city of Lowedon, the capital of Ulverland.

The Queen's School – Situated near the mercantile district and the courts of law, the Queen's School is the premier university in Lowedon. Most of the faculty are learned members of the clergy; indeed, a functioning chapel devoted to the Lady of the White Way is at the center of the college. For such a recent construction, the interiors of the buildings that make up the school are perplexing and labyrinthine in internal structure; rumors abound about hidden rooms and secret passages. The grounds of the Queen's School are guarded by several stone golems shaped like fierce lions—gifts from the magisters of Orxham Academy.

The Pale Obelisk – This chalk-white monument was a gift from the Necropolitan of Mord-Stavian to the sovereign of Ulverland. It was a strange and unexpected gift; it is currently erected upon the north bank of the Albin River, near the Queen's School. Interestingly, the queen's alchemists are unable to determine what substance the Pale Obelisk is made of—but whatever it is, it is oddly warm to the touch no matter what the weather.

The Horrowhock Asylum for the Untreatable Insane – A lonely edifice located far to the south reaches of Lowedon, the Horrowhock Asylum was founded by Dr. Horrowhock in hopes to creating an establishment that could advance the burgeoning science of mental surgery. However, it quickly altered from the course of Dr. Horrowhock's dream to a place where the most violent of cases were locked up shoulder to shoulder with inconvenient relatives. Dreadful things are said about the current administration that runs the asylum; whispers abound of secret experiments that happen deep below the premises.

Queen's School - inspired a bit by my time at KCL, Pale Obelisk - Cleopatra's Needle, Horrowhock Asylum - Bedlam and a book I read last year on the evolution of asylums throughout history (probably a bit of Arkham Asylum in there somewhere too).


  1. The Thomas Ligotti short-story "Dr. Locrian's Asylum" might prove isnpirational here, but I woudl bet you've already read that one.

    1. I have read it, but I should revisit it. Ligotti's stuff repays repeat trips to the well. (And thanks for the reminder...I added the "inspired by" stuff I like to append to these posts.)

    2. And it was appreciated.