Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Silas Chernokov

Let me tell you about my character...

Physical description: A hulking bear of a man, his body covered in tattoos depicting religious imagery. Thick black hair; the mustache of a vainer man. A stoic countenance, eyes that seem to penetrate to the depths of a soul. Wears a priest's cassock over his armor and a wide-brimmed hat. His maul is never far from his grasp.

Back-story: Silas was born into a very religious family; his father was the village priest of a brutal northern land. His father demanded his family be exemplars of severe moral rectitude. 

As the the seventh son of a seventh son, great things were expected of Silas. His father raised him to take up the mantle of a wandering exorcist who would travel the land, combating the Devil's schemes and bringing succor to the world's beleaguered citizens. Thus, at the age of fifteen, Silas's father turned him away from the family home and charged him with a sacred duty. 

Though his path is a lonely one--Silas believes he must wander the earth until he can no longer beat back the darkness--he burns with a desire to be worthy of his father's respect.

Personality – I see everything as part of a divine plan for the world; I am stubborn and difficult to deter from a course of action.
Ideal – Purification: I believe that the weak must be raised up into strength whether they want it or not.
Bond – I have six brothers, and have no idea where they are. I hope to see them again someday.
Flaw – I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drink.

(Silas Chernokov, 3rd level human cleric)