Monday, October 10, 2016

The Possessed, Whisper-Singer, Scarred Demon Hunter, Absinthe Warlock

A few unusual character concepts that work well for Krevborna that reskin 5e D&D's normal assumptions and push its thematic limits a bit:

The Possessed (berserker barbarian)
Most barbarians are savages that hail from the wild-lands of the world, but Sylvia Tenenbrook could not be further from the usual lumbering berserker. Sylvia is the daughter of renowned spiritualists; however, when she was but a child one of her parents’ seances got out of hand and Sylvia has since found herself persistently haunted by the ghost of a maniacal killer. In times of stress or anger, the ghost possesses Sylvia, sending her into a murderous rage.

Whisper-Singer (college of lore bard)
Mentored by maestros in Chancel, Carlo Scarlioto is a musician who seeks to revive the lost art of "whisper-singing." Whisper-singing is an unaccompanied style of vocal performance in which the artist intones tragic lyrics with the merest of breaths; as the audience strains to catch every turn of phrase, they find themselves swept-up in the torrent of emotion evoked by the performer’s words. Carlo’s study of the obscure art whisper-singing has shown him how to charge his art with arcane power–his goal is to seek lost tomes of whisper-singing instruction as he adventures throughout the world.

Scarred Demon Hunter (way of shadow monk)
Martessa van Horne was a beautiful widow who joined a convent as a way to deal with the grief she felt after the death of her husband. The solitude she sought was destroyed one night when her convent was entered by adventurers who believed that a great treasure was secreted in the catacombs beneath its cells. Little did these adventurers know that the sealed vault they discovered was the prison of a powerful demonic force. Unwittingly set loose by the adventurers' blunder, the demon killed all within the convent–save Martessa. Left hideously scarred by her encounter with the demon, Martessa has since sworn to hunt the creature down and send it back to the abyss.

Absinthe Warlock (fey patron pact of the tome warlock)
Most fey-pact warlocks go out into nature to find their patron, but the decadent poetess Amanda Martell finds her muse at the bottom of a glass of absinthe. When she has drunk enough of the liqueur to disorder her senses, the Green Fairy comes to her and whispers all the magical secrets of bending others to her will. Amanda adventurers to keep herself in money enough to indulge her vile wormwood habit.