Monday, December 19, 2016

XVI. Those Who Worship the Tower

Some come to worship the Tower only after they have suffered great tragedy. Having what they love torn from them sends them spiraling into alignment with the Tower's cosmic principles. They do not embrace the Tower because they value the force of destruction it represents; rather, they entreat the Tower because they pray that those who have brought them ruination will suffer an equal plunge into the abyss of bleak hopelessness. 

Others worship the Tower because they perceive the world and its people to be worse than nothing. This strain of theology is written in the breviary of fatalism; it is a belief that the disease is worse than cure, and thus obliteration of all and everything is preferable to the continuation of a miserable existence. These faithful give praise to the Tower through acts of sabotage, erasure, and random terrorism. When nothing remains to be broken, the Tower's will be done.

A third sect beseeches the Tower through acts of appeasement. They view the Tower as a principle of hunger that may be sated. Once satisfied with orchestrated acts of ritual destruction--such as the razing of grand effigies or the sacrificial killing of a king--surely the Tower will, for a time, not move the world toward a horrific apocalypse. "Come Armageddon, come," these adherents say to each other in greeting, "but not too soon."

* * *

An entry in an ongoing series about religion in Scarabae.