Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Codex Diabolus, Automatons, Whispersilk, Music, Mechanical Flowers

Oh, whistle, in Scarabae, and I'll come to you...

This is my attempt to describe a setting through its material culture, which is probably foolish since I'm not an archaeologist or anthropologist. 

* * *

The Codex Diabolus (1)
The Codex Diabolus is a grimoire said to have been written by the Devil himself. The Codex is a sentient book with aims and goals. The book sometimes hires adventurers to further its own inscrutable agenda; it pays for any services rendered with desirable secrets.

An automaton (2)
When an automaton achieves sentience, is it a miracle of creation or a case of amnesiac possession by a ghost or worse?

Whispersilk thread (3)
Harvested from a variety of giant spider, whispersilk thread is favored by those who scale the loftiest of Scarabae's towers and spires because of its durability and strength.

A guitar belonging to Anders Deathshrike of the band Plutonian Howl (4)
A multitude of unusual musical styles find an audience in Scarabae, from the dissonant shrieks and chirps of Yvana Gallows to the melancholy dirges performed by the corpse-painted group Plutonian Howl.

Mechanical flowers (5)
Mechanical flowers are sometimes worn as boutonnieres, hair ornaments, or corsages. They frequently contain acid or poison jets, smoke emitters, or spark throwers that act as covert self-defense devices.

* * *

(1) - Inspired by that magic book from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.
(2) - So many possible sources.
(3) - Inspired by Jay Lake's Green.
(4) - Black metal jokes.
(5) - Inspired by the Joker's lapel flowers, probably.