Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Land Born of Blood Crawls Forward Inexplicably

I've done a revision of the setting document for Krevborna. Initially, I started doing the revision for a mundane reason (I noticed that I had been using two different fonts for body text, ugh), but then I decided that since I had the files open I may as well make some changes and additions. The updated setting document is here.

Consider this the changelog for the setting document.

1. Added more points of interest to the Nachtmahr Mountains, including the presence of primordial entities and a school of black magic. This felt important since one of my current games is set at the Malcovat.
"It is rumored that the Malcovat, a school of black magic, is hidden within the Nachtmahr Mountains. The chthonic Mother Wolf and Father Spider prowl the mountains in search of converts and prey."

2. I've changed the information in the document about the people of Krevborna to account for the wider range of race options that are currently in the setting, as well as the possibility of bringing in characters from other settings.
"Most residents of Krevborna are all too human. Krevbornites are a people of mixed ethnic origins who share a common culture of folk tales and superstitions.

Krevborna is sometimes visited by people hailing from different lands—or perhaps different worlds—who are drawn into the land by its mystifying shrouds of fog.

Not all human bloodlines are pure. Some evidence the taint of angelic or fiendish ancestry, and others have becomes something entirely else due to accursed lineages or the corruption of undeath.

Though rare, descendants of the fey live alongside mankind."

3. Removing some of the information on the denizens of Krevborna freed up some space to include current threats to the land that the players might get interested in confronting during play. I've covered most of these menaces here, here, and here.
"A feral assassin, Mad Barnabas stalks the enemies of the Church. Sister Artemisia is the Church's cunning spymaster. Once a revered nun, Reverend Emeriana fell ill with a disease that transformed her into a horned beast that stalks the Silent Forest.

Lady Adeliza Kolokov, an agent of Countess Alcesta, engages in intrigues in Chancel. A dhampir duelist, Lord Hamlet Petrovich is always on the hunt for prey. 

Doctor Ulric Montmort searches for eldrtich secrets. Swithun Vanderhaus is a defrocked priest searching for answers that the Church has hidden.

The phantom of Queen Lilith, the last monarch of Lilitu, haunts the world for reasons unknown."

4. Fixing the fonts gave me some room to add folklore about the Wolves of the Holy Throne.
Though lycanthropes are greatly feared throughout Krevborna, ancient folktales tell of a group of pious werewolves who can control their transformations. These Wolves of the Holy Throne are believed to use their bestial might to combat evil in the names of the saints."

5. Also found some room to mention the twin clock towers owned by the mysterious Rue sisters.
"Brooding twin sisters of pale aspect, Pandora and Morrigan Rue dress in the manner of Lamashtuan noblewomen. They own identical clock towers in Chancel and Piskaro, and often hire adventurers for inscrutable ends."

6. Changed the name of the Sacred Butchers to the Sacretta Carnifexa because I think the new name is cooler.
"The Sacretta Carnifexa are a group of templars, witchfinders, and inquisitors associated with the Church of Saintly Blood. Their goal is the destruction of Lamashtu, the persecution of the undead, and the execution of Countess Alcesta."

7. Added two new saints, which are currently of importance in my Piskaro-based campaign on G+.
"St. Ophelia – The Spear of Faith
• Followers of St. Ophelia are dedicating to rooting out corruption within the Church
• Portrayed as a slender woman in armor bearing a spear

St. Seska – The Moon Sister
• Patron saint of those who fight on behalf of others
• Portrayed as a slim young woman dressed in boyish garb carrying a crescent shield"