Monday, June 19, 2017

More Than a Likeness

Pietra Donna Sangino is currently one of the most popular painters in Krevborna. She is much sought after by nobles, rich merchants, and powerful members of the clergy because having one’s portrait painted by the artist and being seen as one of her patrons is guaranteed to be worth its cost when balanced against the social capital to be gained. One of Pietra’s current projects is a massive set of paintings upon the ceiling of a chapel devoted to St. Ophelia in Piskaro.

It is much-remarked upon that Pietra’s rise to fame was meteoric; she appeared out of nowhere and now is the name on every aesthete’s lips. Some have noted that many of the incidental figures in her paintings resemble the persons of her artistic rivals; the very artists she has eclipsed seem to be strangely referenced in her works.

The truth of the matter is that Pietra’s art carries a dark secret. Although she is a talented artist, the secret to her success lies in her mastery of an occult formula she uses when painting: when she paints a person known to her, she doesn’t just capture their likeness–she also captures a bit of their soul and binds it to her portraiture. In this way she has siphoned the souls of her contemporary artists and paved the way for her own success, as well as insuring her own popularity by ensnaring the spirits of her patrons.

(Joint effort by myself and Katie.)