Friday, September 1, 2017

Three "Houses of Healing" in Redgutter

Adventures inevitably leave you banged up, bruised, and/or bleeding out. Even when your adventures take place in Scarabae. Especially when your adventures take place in Scarabae. You might find yourself in need to divine healing, the attention of a learned doctor, or even a miraculous meal. Where can a picaro go to get stitched up in the Redgutter ward? Three places spring to mind:

Ordo Gemfotter, an ashram devoted to worship of the Wheel. The priests attached to the Ordo Gemfotter provide the usual healing services for a fee, but they have also been known to make the wounded and ill endure a lengthy (and quite boring) tour of the ashram's rare gem collection before receiving medical care.

Nyarai Gobi came to Scarabae after serving on the losing side of a horrible civil war in her home country. Nyarai was a medic in the rebel army; she is currently using the skills she honed on the battlefield to treat whoever can pay for healing in the Redgutter ward. It's best not to cause trouble in her practice; her pet hyena is as vicious as Nyarai is kind. 

Yum Bao's Noodle Shop provides simple meals or extravagantly crafted bowls of ramen to suit your budget and taste. For those willing to spend a bit more, Yum Bao will cook special broths that can mend wounds, cure disease, and even remove curses. Such is the power of a chef who has made extensive study of mystical culinary arts.