Friday, March 16, 2018

Crime and Punishment in Umberwell

  • The Carrion Worms. Specialized in smuggling contraband and river piracy. They are filthy and tattered. Their favored weapons are gaff hooks and thrown vials of acid.
  • The Urn Street Soldiers. Dealers in bootlegged tonics. They affect Orientalist style, and their trademark weapon is alchemist's fire.
  • The Cuckoos. Operate black markets for the sale of stolen goods and kidnap innocents for ransom. They dress in top hats and carry meat cleavers.
  • The 47 Rodents. Run protection rackets and deal drugs. Most members are halflings, gnomes, kobolds, or goblinoids. They were masks shaped like rat skulls, and fight with axes.
  • The Shriekers. Deal in experimental arms. Their plague masks feature mouths wide open in mid-scream, and they favor ornate pistols. They have a few gargants “liberated” from the Umberwell Watch.
  • The Slaughtermen. Known for general thuggery and assassination. They wear nautical-themed masks, and carry short swords and hand crossbows. Their ranks have been infiltrated by the Voidsighted cult.
  • The Council Street Carvers. Known for burglary and housebreaking. They ply their trade in the wealthier districts and wards, targeting estates and mansions.
  • The gray-coated members of the Umberwell Watch push back against the city's gangs, but the majority of its forces are deployed against dissidents, labor strikes, and rioters.
  • The Watch uses a number of technological devices designed by Malishnikov Industries. Gargants, mechanized suits of armor equipped with auto-crossbows and spotlights, are used to suppress crime and dissent. Watchmen facing rioters or large gangs are given lightning shields that crackle with shocking concussive force to subdue protesters and the unruly masses.
  • The River Watch police the river and its tributaries, cracking down on smuggling and illicit trade.
  • The blue-uniformed Corpse Takers are tasked with containing or destroying the undead. They patrol quarantined plague areas and are mustered to hunt any undead that threaten the city.
  • The most dangerous criminals in Umberwell are incarcerated in Bleakbone Gaol. No one has ever escaped from the walls and cells of Bleakbone.
  • It is not unusual for the citizens of Umberwell to carry arms to defend themselves; the city is a dangerous place and the Watch is unreliable at the best of times.
  • The Empire maintains a standing army and powerful naval fleet. Soldiers and sailors may either be enlisted or conscripted by government press gangs.
  • The Empire's army has recently been bolstered by the introduction of automaton soldiers created by Kiero Jebali, a genius inventor and owner of Jebali Munitions in Cirqus. Rumors circulate that some automatons achieve self-awareness and develop fully realized personalities due to a flaw in their programming that creates a viral consciousness.