Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Heralds of the Weald

The Heralds of the Weald
A faction in Krevborna

The Heralds of the Weald are a conclave of druidic cultists who worship the primal spirits of Lamashtu's deep forests and perilous mountains; they believe that only the natural world can purge the corruption of undeath from the land.

Come encircling mountains, come shrouded forest, envelop us and make us pure again.

    • The proper way of life is a simple, agrarian existence in tune with the natural cycle.
    • Undeath is an abomination the subverts the natural order; it is an unnatural blight upon the world.
    • The saints of the Church are the figureheads of a religion that merely masks the mechanisms of secular power; faith in nature is the true church.

    • Entreat the forests and mountains to advance upon the civilized lands to consume the castles of Lamashtu’s vampiric nobility.
    • Protect the sacred groves that form the center of the Heralds’ religious devotions.

* * *

The Heralds of the Weald is a faction created by one of the players in my Krevborna campaign that their character belongs to. Here's a bit about their character:

Sylvian, human circle of the land druid, acolyte background
Sylvian is an orphan who was raised in the bosom of the Church of Saintly Blood, but he discovered his true spirituality within the dark of the woods.