Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Lexikorum

The Lexikorum
A faction in Krevborna

The Lexikorum is a monastic order of ascetics who believe that contemplation of the holy name of god is the only path to spiritual redemption. Each monk of the Lexikorum is given portions of god’s sacred name; through contemplation, privation, and extreme bodily exercise, they seek to transform the divine meaning of their deity into miraculous physical action.

Only the power of god’s name can save our souls.

    • There is but one god and his name will guide us toward spiritual perfection.
    • Contemplation of the divine is not enough; we must let the word of god flow through our bodies and souls.
    • The darkness that infects the lands of Krevborna is anathema to the holy syllables of creation.

    • Honor god by destroying evil in the world.
    • Discover the missing fragments of the true god’s name.

* * *

The Lexikorum is a faction created by one of the players in my Krevborna campaign that their character belongs to. Here's a bit about their character:

Soriah Red, human way of the shadows monk, criminal background
Soriah joined the Lexikorum to atone for the sins she committed; she has been sent out into the world to defeat evil to attain redemption by the Lexikorum.


  1. Interesting! How do these guys relate to the standard Krevbornan church?

  2. @ Trey

    The Church is pretty fractured & sectarian, but these guys have an obscure monastery in the mountains so they're secluded and doing their own weird thing.

  3. I really like that you let your players come up with factions from their backstories, and then incorporated them into your setting. The ones you've posted so far have been really interesting!

  4. @ Anne

    I think it's a good way of saying "What kind of trouble do you want to get into?" before the game gets underway. (And thanks!)