Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tenoch the Devourer

The people of Zulot regard Tenoch as something more than just their leader; to them, he is a destructive force of nature. His ravenous hunger is legendary—Tenoch the Devourer has been known to publicly feast upon the bodies of his foes. Whether or not his enemies are dead when he sets his mandibles upon them makes little difference to Tenoch.
  • Appearance. Mantisfolk, dark green exoskeleton, four arms ending in clawed pincers, fearsome mandibles.
  • Abilities. Blade-wielding dervish, inspires loyalty through fear.
  • Traits. Predatory, unable to feel remorse.
  • Ideal. Consume every living creature within Cinderheim.
  • Bond. Tenoch believes that he has been chosen by Zulor to grow stronger by consuming life.
  • Flaw. Nothing ever sates Tenoch’s hunger, and this causes him to be in a state of perpetual pain.
  • Warband. Mantisfolk warriors led by elite janissaries, bolstered by enslaved warriors.

  • Janissaries. Tenoch’s janissaries are fanatical mantisfolk warriors who adorn themselves with the bones of the vanquished.
  • The Ebony Procession. The Ebony Procession are twelve towering golems crafted from black basalt.
  • Trade emissaries. The traders sent from Zulot are notoriously sly and underhanded, and it is widely suspected that they act as spies seeking weaknesses to be exploited within the other encampments.
Zulot is the most bellicose of the encampments, and the most reliant on raiding and pillaging to sustain itself. The warbands of Zulot take more than just mundane foodstuffs and material goods—they are notorious for enslaving their victims as thrall soldiers, grub farm laborers, or as potential meals for Tenoch.
  • Population. Half of the population are mantisfolk; the other half of the population are spiderfolk, scorpionfolk, and slaves of other races.
  • Aesthetic. Buildings like large termite mounds made of bones, mantisfolk saliva, and desert grit.
  • Supplies. Edible grubs, cotton, linen, silk. Water is drawn from deep wells at the center of the encampment.
  • Grub farms. Water from Zulot’s wells maintains soil-beds where beetle grubs, one of the primary foodstuffs eaten by the residents of the encampment, are nurtured.
  • The Boulevard of the Broken. This street in Zulot is lined with wooden stakes upon which the half-eaten bodies of those who have displeased Tenoch the Devourer are displayed as a warning against dissent.
  • The House of the Maw. The House of the Maw is a temple dedicated to Zulor, the Red Hunger. The vengeful visit the Maw to be blessed with the skill to hunt their foes to the ends of the earth.

  • Steal enough grubs from the grub farms to feed a starving village at the outskirts of Tenoch’s territory.
  • Free an important slave before Tenoch eats them.
  • Disenchant the Ebony Procession before it can be used in an act of war.
  • Defile the House of the Maw to break the janissaries’ morale.

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