Monday, July 29, 2019

The Umbral Warlock and the Feral Boy

Two NPCs from The Liberation of Wormwood:

Eshi-Dala is a warlock who has been driven mad by her pact with her patron, the Umbral Queen. The Umbral Queen has sent her to wander the wastes inspiring violence wherever she goes. She is often an eager participant in the bloodshed that pleases her unknowable and mysterious patron.

  • Occupation. Hexblade.
  • Appearance. Serpentfolk, long gray hair, appears mostly human save for a forked tongue that darts about when she is excited, only wears a bloodstained cotton shift, carries her sword in a rune-inscribed scabbard.
  • Abilities. Eldritch swordplay, astrology.
  • Traits. Delights in tumult, sexually transgressive.
  • Ideal. Cause chaos and discord.
  • Bond. Mindlessly serves the Umbral Queen.
  • Flaw. Has no concern for her own safety.

Feral Boy is not actually the human child that most mistake him for at first glance—he is a barbarous halfling adult who uncannily resembles a savage youth of human stock. No one knows his history, but he has a talent for finding useful things amid Cinderheim’s ghost towns and abandoned places.

  • Occupation. Scavenger.
  • Appearance. Lightfoot halfling, shaggy brown hair, perpetually filthy and stinking, wears furs and rags.
  • Abilities. Stealth, navigation, deadly with a sling.
  • Traits. Dead-eyed, fantastically violent when provoked.
  • Ideal. Collect shiny things.
  • Bond. Only smiles when given raw meat.
  • Flaw. Cannot—or will not—speak.

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  1. I've recently started appreciating how helpful it is for a setting to have a stock of known NPCs to draw on. I feel like in the past, I've just muddled through and tried to make up someone on the spot - but then the last time I did that, I thought "why don't I just come up with a few in advance, like Jack does? they'd be more interesting that what I can invent in the moment, and it would be less stressful for me."

    So I appreciate the insight!

    1. I'm pretty low-prep in general, but NPCs are one of the places I find it really helpful to have some prep done beforehand!