Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Apostles

The Apostles
A faction in Krevborna

The Apostles are an order of wild and romantic inventors who share the goal of pushing science beyond the constraints of what is accepted. Many of their order are obsessed with discovering the power of Lilitu’s ancient machinery. Since the Apostles promote scientific inquiry over faith and spiritual beliefs, they often find themselves at odds with the Church of Saintly Blood.

Although each member of the Apostles has their own area of interest when it comes to new or rediscovered technologies, the most common fields of study are advanced weaponry and the possibility of mechanical transportation. Some individuals are fascinated by the intricacies of enchanting weapons and other objects, and thus pursue artificer magic to bolster their creations.

Any limitation imposed on human progress should be blown to bits by scientific inquiry!


  • Technology is superior to nature’s inventions.
  • Derangement of the senses leads to scientific breakthroughs.
  • Scientific research and application must always be pushed to the bleeding edge.

  • Create new forms of weaponry to fight back against the monsters that trouble the land.
  • Overthrow the Church and its petty superstitions.

* * *

Director's Commentary
The Apostles used to be called the Incendiary Guild, but one of my players kept calling them the Apostles for reasons neither of us remember and it stuck in the home game.

The Apostles are a faction I see as a way to relieve player characters of their excess gold and as a reason for further adventures based on player goals. Eventually, many players thirst for a special weapon--something beyond the equipment list in the Player's Handbook. A member of the Apostles might be able to build the weapon or armor that player wants...for a price, of course. And the construction of said weapon might require an adventure to get a part, some blueprints, somebody else's research, etc.

Since they're often interested in Lilituan technologies, they're also a faction that the players can turn to when they recover a strange device from a Grail Tomb that they have yet to figure out on their own.

The Apostles are built from the conventions of the Gothic "mad scientist," but to counteract a full-on Science vs. Faith gloss (which never really works out that cleanly in Gothic fiction) I also included the bits about wild romanticism and the derangement of the senses to indicate that they are as much about sudden moments of crazed inspiration as they are studied application of the scientific method.


  1. The Grail Tombs are one of my favorite parts of Krevbona. I hadn't thought about them having demonic high tech hidden in them though, which just further sweetens the pot.

    You know how you have that adage that the character advancement in the book should only be half the special abilities you get as you level up? I've been thinking lately that maybe the equipment list in the book should only be half the stuff you can buy. Like yes, that stuff is always for sale, everywhere, BUT, you can find special markets and dealers and vendors as you play who make special goods available.

    1. I'll get back to posting about the Grail Tombs in this series as well! The Lilitu were an "advanced civilization," so if the Grail Tombs are their remnants, they sometimes hide strange technologies.

      "The equipment list is half what you can buy" tends to be how I run Krevborna. I take inspiration from even silly things like the Van Helsing movie: there's no repeating crossbow on the equipment list, but if you want one you can probably find an Apostle who can make you one.