Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Ring and Wand Society

The Ring and Wand Society
A faction in Krevborna

The Ring and Wand Society is a secretive cabal of scholars within  Creedhall University that studies the fey. The Ring and Wand Society is mostly comprised of faculty from Creedhall University, but they do admit the occasional student who shows the right combination of promise and discretion.

The Society’s end goal is to endow themselves with the immortality of the fey. To arrive at this desired result, the Ring and Wand Society pays monster hunters to capture fey creatures for examination and dissection. They also abduct human victims to test their formulae upon in hopes of perfecting their methods without endangering themselves through self-experimentation.

To know the truth of life we must never die.

  • Mortality is a fundamental flaw in the human condition.
  • The fey hold many arcane secrets that should be the province of scholarly investigation.
  • The strange immortality of the fey can be obtained by those who dare to explore fringe sciences and the supernatural world.

  • Gain fey-like immortality to initiate the next phase of human advancement.
  • Keep the workings of the Ring and Wand Society hidden from prying eyes.

* * *

Director's Commentary
It's fairly easy to invent monster hunting factions that interact with undead, lycanthropes, etc. but it was an interesting prompt to come up with a faction that interacted with the fey in a way outside of the monster slayer synonym. The fey can be monstrous, but what would a faction possibly want from them?

The Ring and Wand Society is motivated by the immortality of the fey; it's a quality they'd like to have for themselves, of course. This makes them a sort of fantasy analog of transhumanists, but of course given the setting their path toward "evolution" is going to be a dark one.


  1. I can easily imagine a secret clinic hidden somewhere in Creedhall where hundreds of faeiries are kept in bell jars, and their magic green blood is collected so that members of Ring & Wand can receive life-prolonging transfusions of the stuff.

    I also imagine that their sigil is a "Ø", a ring overlaid by a wand.

    1. I think the plot will thicken when I make a post about how the fey maintain their immortality too. Let's just say that becoming a fey really does mean becoming a monster.

      I like that sigil idea! I'll probably steal that.

  2. Oh, man, they are NOT going to like finding out that humanoid blood is chock-full of iron. (Fey blood involves metals lower on the activity series--single-displacement reactions, such as being stabbed with iron, precipitate those out, causing suffocation and death.) The Society is going to need good transfusion techniques and a really high tolerance for heavy metal poisoning.

    Love it, love the whole blog.