Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Crucifuge

Art by Hary Istiyoso
The Crucifuge
A faction in Krevborna

The Crucifuge is an order of alchemists and artificers who are fascinated with the applications of demonic essence. Methods of capturing a demon’s prima materia and distilling pure souls are known to the foul members of the Crucifuge; they experiment with the ways of combining innocent souls with demonic essence to birth new monsters.

Members of the Crucifuge are sometimes hired by the vampire lords of Lamashtu to craft abyssal monstrosities for use in their personal armies. However, the rogue experimenters of the Crucifuge are just as content to create horrors solely for the purpose of unleashing them upon the world—they are a nihilistic group who would delight to see the world torn apart.

Our age shall be one of monsters unbound.

  • Mankind is a stain that should be effaced by the creatures of the night.
  • Demonic essence and the perversion of human souls is the only worthy avenue of arcane research.
  • The vampires of Lamashtu serve the same purpose that the Crucifuge pursues—whether they realize it or not.

  • Craft nightmarish terrors that have hitherto only been imagined.
  • Drown the world in a deluge of monsters.

* * *

Director's Commentary
I think the Crucifuge is a new one that I haven't shown outside my games yet. They give a good explanation as to why vampires have monsters at their disposal, as well as functioning as an apocalyptic group to be thwarted by the player characters. The main inspiration here are the Devil Forgemasters from Castlevania.


  1. So these guys seem pretty tailor made to be antagonists, but I suppose that some appropriately amoral player characters could hire them to build some bespoke monstrosities of their own.

    Maybe they could whip up one of those infernal mini-mechas you posted about awhile back?

    1. Definitely inclined to villainy, but I imagine that individual members might be turned to a better purpose. I wonder what it would take to convince a member of the Crucifuge to craft an army of monsters that will inevitably turn on their vampire master? A sort of Order 66 for the bloodsucker class.