Umberwell Setting Posts

Setting Posts
The Role of Adventurers in Umberwell
The People's Covenant
The Goddesses of the Covenant
The Gangs of Umberwell
The City's Songs

The City of Exiles, the Mayor and the Four Ministries, Street Food

Magpie Museum, Ritual Bloodsport, Law and Chaos, Beetlefolk Invaders

Incarnate Zones, Purple Worm Trains, Law and Disorder

Monstrous Vermin, Intoxicant Trade, Lexicos Spire

Blood-Fueled Industry, Slumgullian Warrens, Codices Malefica, Automatons

Cosmopolitan Melange, Undead Citizens, Urban Warzone

Libris Rex, Ethergram Cooperative, Children of Fimbul

Factions in Umberwell
The Misericorde
The Concordia
The Destined
The Maelstrom

The Ashford Twins and Patterson Creed
The Gang Leader and the Assassin

Outdated Setting Drafts
II. Those Who Worship the High Priestess
III. Those Who Worship the Empress
XV. Those Who Worship the Devil
XVI. Those Who Worship the Tower
XIX. Those Who Worship the Sun
Scarabae's Influences
Redgutter Ward
A Visual Guide to Scarabae Characters
Official Scarabae Map
The Four Courts of Scarabae
A Scarabae Urban Dictionary
Three "Houses of Healing" in Redgutter
Agents of S.T.I.L.E.T.T.O.
Three Guns of Scarabae
Navel Gazing in Scarabae
Dita von Trapeze, Nicki Mirage, Lady Nada
Slang in Scarabae
The Common Tongue and the Tower of Babel
Chapel of the Fungi Queen
A Sphinx Without a Secret
Why Adventures Start in Taverns
The Final Projector
Mr. Mancible Raunch, Etterchap
New Look and Player's Page
Playing in Scarabae

Other People's Takes
Scarabae: Hired Muscle, The Hermit, Oleander
Pickers, Liftmen, Jobs for Picaros
People Kicking Around in My Sandbox
A Scarabae Cornucopia