Monday, July 20, 2015

Theophile Quick

Let me tell you about my character...

Physical Description: Gray skin the color of a storm cloud, lithe, muscled like a dancer. Gray and black hair pulled into a topknot. Weather-beaten face, stoic expression save for a deep-seated anger in his cold blue eyes, body a topography of scars and nautical tattoos. Wears prayer beads interspersed with scrimshaw totems, wields a war pick made from a refashioned whaling harpoon.

Back-story: Theophile Quick was born into a family of farmers on the mountainous island of Windward Till, but he never felt that the bucolic life was for him. Addicted to books of seafaring adventure, when Theo turned sixteen he left the family farm and enlisted in Scarabae's navy. 

Theo rose steadily through the ranks of the navy, eventually becoming an officer, until his ship was attacked and boarded by the crew of the Mandrake, a much-feared gang of pirates. Given the choice between death and serving aboard the Mandrake, Theo chose life and continued his career at sea as a buccaneer.

Engaging upon thievery upon the high seas made Theo a hardened and sometimes cruel man. However, even the brutal life of a freebooter could not prepare him for the sinking of the Mandrake during an unholy tempest. As he sank beneath the waves, certain that a death by drowning was to be his fate, Theo was contacted by a chthonic spirit of the ocean. The spirit promised Theo that he would rise again, reborn of the sea's blood, if he accepted the spirit's bargain. Once more preferring to save his own skin, Theo accepted the bargain. Theo awoke upon the shore the next morning; now his sleep is haunted by dreams of a great primordial whale that breaths its otherworldly plans into his restive mind. An ancient anger now dwells within him, waiting to be released in spectacular displays of violence that break upon his foes as would a great wave of the unconquerable sea.

With no ship to sail with at present, Theo has joined the Inquisitive Fellows Detective Agency to put his muscle and fury to good use, as well as to save enough coin to eventually purchase his own sailing vessel.

Personality: I work hard so I can play hard.
Ideal: Freedom--what isn't Theo willing to compromise to preserve his own life?
Bond: In a harbor town, I have a paramour--a tiefling noblewoman named Miranda.
Flaw: Never question my courage, for I cannot still the hell that's in these hands.

(Theophile Quick, 5th level air genasi barbarian)