Monday, December 7, 2015

Saint of the Dark Places

  • According to certain apocryphal texts, Saint Melara hid the mortal body of a martyr deep within a cave so that his sacred form could not be defiled by his persecutors. Melara martyred herself by keeping watch over his corpse, eschewing food and water, until her own demise.
  • Melara is the saint of those who venture into the dark places of the earth. Miners and adventurers who explore the Grail Tombs petition for her protection and carry medals bearing her likeness.
  • Secrets are sacred to those who adopt Melara as their patron saint; to disclose a secret is to blaspheme against her holy name.
  • Those who devote themselves to her reverence often clothe themselves in perpetual mourning finery. Shrouds, hooded cloaks, veils, and black arm bands are the distinctive marks of those pledged to Melara.