Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Night Gallery: More Krevborna Influences

A Knight of Lilith
The Knights of Lilith are sent forth from dreaded Lamashtu by Countress Alcesta to find a consort who will quicken her with the foretold Child of Blood. The Polnezna believed that the birth of the Child of Blood will complete an ancient prophecy and transform Alcesta von Karlok into the Mother of Evil.

The Grail Tombs
Labyrinthine catacombs located beneath the earth, the Grail Tombs are the uncanny remnants of the eldritch Lamian civilization. The Church sends cunning agents into the depths of the Grail Tombs in search of something sinister...do they seek it to safeguard it or to use it for their own ends? 

The lonely mansion of the Sellvek family
In recent years, it has been whispered and wondered whether some horrible curse has fallen on this once noble house. The younger members of the family line are snuffed like candles that gutter on the wind. The House of Sellvek teeters on the brink of an unfathomable tarn.

A northern church devoted to the Saintly Blood
Even in the far reaches of Krevborna, the Church practices rites that involve blood drinking or blood baptism. Since motifs involving the imbibing of blood appear throughout the Grail Tombs, one must wonder what the Church of Saintly Blood has inherited from the Lamian civilization that predates the rise of man.

Making a pact with a fiend
The deep woods, and other wild places, are greatly feared as places where fiends lay their temptations bare, ensnaring those who hunger for power with promises of occult knowledge and fell witchery. One hardly dare speak of how such pacts are sealed, but the making of a pact always leaves a tell-tale mark upon the unholy supplicant.