Monday, March 13, 2017

By Eye, Blade, and Fang

Lamashtu, a cold northern land ruled by vile-blooded vampires, poses a threat even in the southernmost reaches of Krevborna. The personages below are Lamashtuans who might challenge adventurers anywhere in the accursed lands of Krevborna.

Lady Adeliza Kolokov is a chameleon; she can appear as a highborn noblewoman, a lowly slattern, and everything in between. No matter what role she has assumed, Adeliza is a spy in the employ of Countess Alcesta who infiltrates Krevbornan society to relay sensitive information to the court of Lamashtu. 

Unhinged by bloodthirst and madness, Lord Hamlet Petrovich is a dhampir duelist who wanders Krevborna, searching for skilled adversaries to challenge in single combat. His favored targets are those who style themselves as vampire hunters.