Thursday, March 16, 2017

Redgutter Ward

Yesterday I posted this series of questions you can use to generate a starting neighborhood in your fantasy city

G. S. Smith already had a crack and it and came up with this, which I shall certainly be stealing from in the future.

Below are the details for the Redgutter Ward of Scarabae, created from those questions by Trey Causey, Duncan Eshelman, Scott Martin, Jez Gordon, Gus L., and B. W. Mathers. I've put my own spin on their answers, but they did the real work.

Redgutter Ward

Background: In its heydey the Redgutter Ward was home to busy docks and profitable maritime trade. Unfortunately, Redgutter didn’t keep pace with the changing world and was eventually displaced by larger, better-situated docklands to the north and south. The largest employer in Redgutter is the Caldwell Refinery, which processes kraken oil for use throughout Scarabae. The neighborhood is solidly working class, but teeters on the edge of falling on harder times.

Of late, you’ve been doing odd jobs of an adventuresome nature for a tiefling woman named Koska. She pays fairly and is upfront about the dangers that her jobs entail, which is more than you can say for most “fixers” in Scarabae.

1. Tell me about a church, temple, ashram, etc. in this neighborhood

The Spokehouse
  • Local branch of the Temple of the Wheel, the high priest is Rota tu Volubilis.
  • The stone entrance is low; you must “bow to the wheel” as you enter.
  • Also a fully-functional gambling house.
  • Clergy teach mountebank skills on slow nights.

Ordo Gemfotter
  • Ashram also devoted to the Wheel of Fortune; in competition with the Spokehouse.
  • Financed by gemcutters, jewelers, and artificers, especially gnomes, dwarves, goliaths, earth genasi, etc.
  • Big golden doors at the front; interior serves as jewel emporium as well as place of worship.

2. Tell me about a shop that sells standard equipment and one of the shopkeeper's quirks

Goodneighbor's Emporium
  • Run by Helena Goodneighbor (f, dwarf) who is known for fair prices and access to dwarf-made cookware (some of the best iron skillets, coated with a gnomish no-stick alchemy concoction).

3. Tell me about someone who sells something illicit in this neighborhood

Voone Jaskar (m, kappa rogue)
  • Fence who sells illicit items brought by various gangs.
  • He's also known as the 'Tonguetaker' as he is known to take the tongues of his enemies as trophie. His method of attack is with curved flick blades (with a flick of the wrist this blade flicks out and slashes).

4. Tell me about a powerful wizard, sorcerer, or warlock in this neighborhood

Aurulent Masque (f, drow warlock)
  • Reputed to be the latest visitation of an immortal astral wizard, only occasionally incarnate in human form.
  • She's "name level"

Cambridge of Oleander (m, human abjurer)
  • Does not seem to wear his riches, but he owns own an estate.
  • The word is out that his true riches are hidden there, behind some of the most strongest wards in the city. A lot of bravos that boasted they'd break Cambridge's house have yet to return.

5. Tell me about a feared warrior who lives in this neighborhood

Urthoga (f, trollkin veteran)
  • She doesn't flaunt that he is a badass, but she's taken on street gangs who thought she would be easy pickings.
  • Urthoga has a brother named Gunther who owns a steam-powered ship.
  • Like Gunther, Urthoga spends time down at the Bull Roarer.

6. Tell me about someone who is wealthy in this neighborhood

Captain Chandler Caldwell (m, triton)
  • He was a whaling captain as a younger man who, rumor has it, made his money when his ship ran afoul with a Dragon Turtle.
  • His initial money came from the Dragon Turtle's horde which he used to fund buy stock and eventually own a factory (Caldwell Refinery )that refines kraken oil.
  • Very insistent that nobody says his name on the open seas. He is worried that the Dragon Turtle he slew has family that might take vengeance on him.

7. Tell me about someone you can go to for help in this neighborhood

'Gaff' Redspark (m, gnome arcane trickster)
  • "Home Security Expert”; specializes in helping homeowners prevent or track down burglars.

8. Tell me about someone you can go to for information in this neighborhood

Wick (f, fire genasi)
  • Owner of the Bull Roarer Tavern, Brewery, and Sauna.
  • She not only keeps people in their cups, she also keeps a keen ear out for talk.

9. Tell me about a gang or criminal organization operating in this neighborhood

The Kneecutters
  • They are noted protection gang of smaller-stature races (Goblins, Halflings, Kobolds)
  • They retaliate by slashing at knees, tendons, anything that can fell a biped.
  • Voone is a friendly associated, but not a true member of the gang.
  • Currently pushing the 47 Rodents gang out of their territory.

10. Tell me about a pub, club, cabaret, gymnasium, bathhouse, etc. where adventurers hang out

Bull Roarer Tavern, Brewery, and Sauna
  • This large building is a combination of a tavern, brewery, and sauna.
  • It's kept *very* hot in there, as that is the way Wick prefers it.
  • Wick's prize of decoration is a taxidermy displacer beast.

11. Tell me about a problem in this neighborhood

12. Tell me about a popular form of entertainment or a popular entertainer in this neighborhood

The Necroleseum
  • Necromancers reanimate the condemned and executed so they can duke it out in the arena.

The Painted Grounds
  • A dingy pit for bloodsport in a former tea warehouse.
  • The rear is entirely filled with cages, cells and crates, forming a sickly menagerie of toothed, fanged and clawed animosity.
  • For a significant bet patrons may set their own animals (self or companions) against 'the house choice' - a beast pulled more or less at random from the ranks of cells.
  • The owners will buy captured thing from anyone who wishes to sell.

13. Tell me about a food or drink that is popular in this neighborhood


  • Rramil beetles are endemic, feeding on the hair of murder victims and goat carcasses.
  • Their oblong abdomens discharge a high alcohol content slurry.