Thursday, March 2, 2017

XIX. Those Who Worship the Sun

Some worship the Sun because to them it represents the sacred principle of openness. As such, they attempt to emulate openness in every aspect of their lives. They are nudists because clothing obscures their true physicality; the refuse to tell lies because deceit is anathema; they refuse to control their emotions, and instead express every feeling they experience with a unrestrained frankness that is truly frightening to behold.

Other faithful worship the Sun an emblem of cosmic optimism. Even after the darkest night, they reason, the sun always re-emerges and spreads its warmth and light across the land. Adherents of the Sun who take their belief in the triumph of better days over bad sometimes become fanatical in their approach. Zealots who worship the Sun in this aspect have been known to orchestrate calamities for the purpose of showing how things can become better after a horrible tragedy.

Some who bow before the Sun view cooperation as the cornerstone of their faith. They see the Sun as the force that joins all sapient creatures together into a vast brotherhood. They also believe that it is only through concerted effort and a foundation of common ground can progress and justice can be striven for. Members of this faith where golden symbols to alert others of their willingness to lend aid where requested. Praise the Sun!