Friday, April 21, 2017

A Visual Guide to Scarabae Characters

I was thinking of how I envision my Scarabae setting, and decided to pick some representative images--something like Pathfinder's iconics--for each class in 5e D&D. Some of these I scavenged from one of Blizack's collections, others I had to search out on my own.

Aarakocra warlock

Dhampir warlock
Human sorcerer

Kenku sorcerer
Tiefling monk

Hill dwarf monk

Human fighter

Aasimar fighter

Dragonborn druid
Goblin druid
Triton cleric

Human cleric
Tiefling paladin

Earth genasi paladin

Yuan-ti pureblood bard
Rock gnome bard

Lizardfolk ranger

High elf ranger

Gearforged wizard
Eladrin wizard
Tabaxi barbarian

Stout halfling barbarian

Half-orc rogue
Lightfoot halfling rogue