Friday, January 19, 2018

Krevborna: Cover Art and Book Progress Update

The image to the left is the glorious cover to my Krevborna book, created by the incomparably talented Becky Munich.

I love everything about that piece, but let me pick out a few things I absolutely adore: the details on the moon, the wolves, and the heroine's coat! The glowing eyes of the bats! The moody colors! That nosferatu emerging from the mists! The heroine's look of sly determination to rid the land of horrid monstrosities!

Becky captured Krevborna perfectly. 

The book should be available for purchase in February. I've had proofs from multiple printers to compare quality, I've tidied up a few last things to make the book exactly how I want it, and am currently awaiting one last proof to arrive before I make the book available for purchase in print and pdf form on DriveThruRPG.

Speaking of DriveThru, I'm migrating the pdfs of my previous OSR-era game books to the new Dolorous Exhumation Press page. The old Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque books and the Gothic Earth book are priced as "Pay What You Want," so you can still get them gratis--paying $0 is fine. Of course, if you want to "tip," that's very appreciated and I will toast you with whatever drink I inevitably buy with the donation. The Colonial Ethersea and Ulverland books are also both there for purchase. The point is: I'm not asking you to pay, but I'm letting you, if you want. No harm, no foul if you don't--I'm just happy you took a look at my old D&D stuff and hopefully found it useful.