Friday, February 16, 2018

Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera Now For Sale at DriveThruRPG

Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera is now available for purchase in full-color print and pdf on DriveThruRPG!

Of course, the book was a group effort. The book would not be as fine as it without the art of Becky Munich and Michael Gibbons, nor would it be as polished without the editing assistance of Heather Cromarty or the additional design work of Katie Albitz.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to all the people who played in my Krevborna games, inspired me with their games, or just plain gave me suggestions along the way that made the book stronger. All of these people are listed on the book's dedication page for a reason:

What the book is about:
The blood moon rises above the haunted lands of Krevborna! Once a country of picturesque villages, deep forests, and sublime mountain ranges, Krevborna is now a land of Gothic ruins preyed upon by fiends, ravening beasts, and the unquiet dead. Shadows triumphantly lengthen across Krevborna; the great powers of darkness work to usher in the dread dominion of an everlasting empire of night.

What you get in the book:
Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera is a system-neutral campaign setting for Gothic Fantasy adventures inspired by Bloodborne, Castlevania, and Penny Dreadful. The book includes:

  • Art by Becky Munich and Michael Gibbons. Setting map by Michael Gibbons.
  • Details on nine locations in the setting: the corrupt city of Chancel, the Lovecraftian town of Creedhall, the witch-town of Hemlock, vampire haunted Lamashtu, the seaside horrors of Piskaro, the underworld of the Grail Tombs, the foreboding Nachtmahr Mountains, the eerie Silent Forest, and the forbidden town of Veil.
  • Information on the people of Krevborna and their folklore.
  • Thirty-four otherworldly entities to use as patrons for the faithful and the pact-bound.
  • Eight factions and twelve NPCs to involve your players in intrigue.
  • Advice and tools for running a fantasy RPG influenced by Gothic literature.
  • Tools for use in game, such as copious adventure seeds, a bestiary of foes, random tables, and a comprehensive adventure generator that gives you the basis of a scenario with little prep.
  • A full index and a separate index of the book's random tables.
  • The book was designed for ease of use and speed of play. All "lore" entries are easy to scan, and make use of bullet points to draw your attention to the important bits so you can get on with your game.
Art from the book:

Setting map by Michael Gibbons

 Black & white interior illustrations by Michael Gibbons

Color chapter art by Becky Munich

Page layout example:

So far, the response has already exceeded my expectations. B. W. Mathers did a review of the book here and Trey Causey did a review of it here, and somehow the book found its way to RPGNow and DriveThru's bestseller list alongside some august company:

And featured in their newsletter:

Available here in print, pdf, or print + pdf combo (print + pdf is the same price as a print copy, so this is the best bargain if you want to hold a book in your hands).