Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Daughters of Misericorde

A secret society of seducers and manipulators at work in Umberwell.


The women who belong to the Daughters of Misericorde are all graduates of finishing schools trained to use their social graces and psychological wiles to influence the course of history subtly behind the scenes. Members of the Daughters are recruited for their beauty, charm, and physical presence—all attributes they use to catch the eyes of important men and women so that they can insinuate themselves as trusted friends and lovers, and thus position themselves to pull the strings of authority unnoticed. Daughters are skilled conversationalists able to prize out secrets under the guise of casual banter, as well as experts in poisoning and deception.

We are the power behind the throne.

  • Those who have power should be manipulated like puppets.
  • A great war is coming; we must have a military force of our own that is unfailingly loyal.
  • Beauty and charm are deadly weapons.
  • Form romantic relationships with powerful men and women, and exert the Daughters' will through them.
  • Send emissaries to the Cinderheim Reaches to unite the desert encampments into an army loyal to the Daughters.

I Have a Use For You

  • Discover the weakness in a prominent politician's amorous armor.
  • Help an exposed Daughter escape a jealous lover.
  • Obtain an invitation to an exclusive gathering of nobles.

* * *

The Daughters of Misericorde were mostly inspired by Gail Carriger's Finishing School series:

and also kinda-sorta Red Sparrow: