Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Gang Leader and the Assassin

Two supporting cast characters in Umberwell: the gang leader and the assassin.

Jesephus “Boss” Hobb
Boss Hobb runs the Hobb Street Mafia, a gang of goblinoids, through threats and abuse. Behind his cruelty is a desire to see his people thrive in Umberwell through any means necessary. He would see goblinoids become a dominant force in the city.
Occupation. Gang leader.
Appearance. Hobgoblin, bulge-bellied, scruffy red hair, orange skin, dresses in a top hat and ill-fitted jackets decorated with unearned military medals.
Abilities. Bullying, making one-sided deals.
Traits. Loud-mouth, performs the role of a gentleman.
Ideal. Make Umberwell respect goblinoids.
Bond. Loves—and fears—his wife Kolga.
Flaw. Writes taunting letters to the broadsheet press.

Mei Dowd
Mei Dowd is one of the most feared assassins in Umberwell. Her ability to emerge from the shadows, strike true, and then disappear back into the darkness is legendary. It is rumored that she is responsible for the death of many members of the moneyed elite.
Occupation. Assassin for hire.
Appearance. Human, long black hair in a braid held with sharpened pins, union tattoos.
Abilities. Poison brewing, disguise, stealth, sniping.
Traits. Practical, improviser.
Ideal. Perfect the art of murder.
Bond. Protects her clients’ identities.
Flaw. She fears that her cover as a worm train worker will be blown.