Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Umberwell: Aasimar, Birdfolk, Catfolk

The citizenry of Umberwell are a varied myriad; the ancestries discussed bellow denote only a fraction of the peoples that comprise the city-state’s populace.

Aasimar are not a separate race in the usual sense; aasimar children are born seemingly at random into human families. Those who believe in the teachings of the People’s Covenant believe that aasimar are touched by the spiritual glory of the six goddesses. This reverential attitude tends to push aasimar toward haughty or imperious personality traits.

The winged birdfolk are a rare sight in the city, but a few do rent or own “nests” atop Umberwell's highest towers and skyward spires—they prefer to live at height rather than at street-level. Birdfolk are notoriously insular and xenophobic; most birdfolk in Umberwell are exiles forbidden from returning to their homeland for crimes that seem baroque to most other races. 

The feline catfolk are a scattered people who find little welcome in the world, save for a grudging acceptance in Umberwell. Even so, catfolk sometimes garner a poor reputation; some regard them as thieves, thugs, and con artists due to their dubious regard for personal property rights. However, due to their natural stealth and agility, some catfolk find employment as scouts and rangers working for the Umberwell Militia.