Friday, July 27, 2018

Umberwell: Dragonborn, Dwarves, Elves, Firbolg

More races that populate Umberwell:

The dragonborn claim to be the heirs of an ancient empire in the world’s distant past, but no archaeological evidence exists to corroborate the existence of this supposed empire. The origins and history of the dragonborn remains a mystery that is debated by occultists and academics alike.

The industrious dwarves are most often found working as laborers in Umberwell's docks, factories, and warehouses, or competing in its licit and illicit pit-fighting arenas. Dwarves greatly value their martial prowess; their style of hand-to-hand combat is particularly brutal—it is a ceremonial martial art in which combatants wear spiked armor to make their bodies into weapons. Dwarves practice cultural rites of ritual scarification that mark important life events, successes, failures, sworn oaths, and planned vendettas.  

Most elves in Umberwell are refugees from the long-running civil war that has torn Raben Vol Shai, their ancient homeland, apart. Elven sculpture is currently en vogue and is considered highly collectible; there is a thriving black market in Umberwell for sculptures that were “lost” during the elven diaspora. The dark elf houses of the Slumgullian Warrens have cornered the market in silk rope; they produce a brand called Whispersilk that is very popular with picaros and adventurers because of its resilience.

Most firbolgs prefer to live in the wild places of the world, but the greenhouses and roof gardens that provide much of the city’s produce are often tended by firbolgs who have lost the habitats they defended elsewhere. The songs that the firbolg sing as they work are surprisingly complex and moving.