Monday, August 27, 2018

The Scourge

The Scourge: A Faction in Umberwell

The Scourge is a loosely affiliated league of vigilantes who take to the streets to assassinate violent or abusive criminals. To become a member of the Scourge, a person must have suffered a great wrong at the hands of a miscreant; the Scourge is united through their mutual experience of loss, although most members of the group keep their identities secret—even to other members of the faction. When members of the Scourge hunt criminals they often don dark cloaks and theatrical masks. They take great pains to conceal their names, often adopting pseudonyms designed to strike fear into the villains they seek vengeance against.

Justice is a blade that falls without mercy.

  • Watchmen and thief-takers have failed to protect the city's citizens; we must take the law into our own hands.
  • Criminals are undeserving of mercy.
  • The scales of justice can only be balanced by blood.
  • Find justice for those abandoned by the law.
  • Make the city a safer place to live.

  • Hunt a serial killer preying upon the city's residents.
  • Investigate a series of violent muggings in a downtrodden slum.
  • Bring an abusive brothel owner to a violent reckoning.

Easter egg: The Scourge was inspired by Michael Gibbons's love of superhero comics.