Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Umberwell: Humans, Jinnasi, Kobolds, Lizardfolk

Races that populate Umberwell:

Humanity, in all its varying splendor and depravity, rubs shoulders with a melange of heterogeneous citizenry. Generations of immigration and intermarriage has resulted in a human polity united more by the common culture of Umberwell and its imagined community than along ethnic lines.

The jinnasi are hybrid beings afflicted with a strange, supernatural malady; they are humans possessed by elemental spirits. This possession is generally regarded as a spiritual disease that alters both body and mind to reflect the elemental power they are imbued with. Eventually, most jinnasi learn to to live in a state of symbiosis between their human side and the primordial spirit that dwells within them.

Kobolds are regarded more as pests than as true citizens of the city. No one knows where they originate from; they simply seem to spring up and multiply like vermin. They are mostly found employed as messengers, couriers, and mail carriers in Umberwell, but some kobolds evidence a degree of mechanical acuity and find work as tinkerers, inventors, or factory repairmen. Kobolds are infamous for their vulgar humor.

The reptilian lizardfolk originate from the jungles and deserts of Hygaea, but in Umberwell their savagery makes them a natural fit for urban life; their hunting instincts and competitiveness serve them well in a metropolis that often pits its citizens against each other in a hard-scrabble contest for daily survival. Lizardfolk frequently find work as bodyguards or bounty hunters.