Thursday, September 13, 2018

The House of Draghul

The House of Draghul
A faction in Krevborna

The House of Draghul is a family of Lamashtuan nobles whose bloodline stretches back to a royal line of ancient Lilitu. The heads of the family are vampires; the lesser members of the family often aspire to undeath.

Our blood is eternal.

    • The noble houses of Lamashtu are the rightful rulers of all Krevborna, and the House of Draghul should reign over all.
    • Commoners owe their betters fealty.
    • Vampirism must be reserved for the most worthy of the bloodline; it is a laurel to be given as a reward for serving the House of Draghul’s interests.

    • Prove the superiority of the House in combat and bring honor to family by excelling at the sorcerous arts.
    • Support Countess Alcesta until such a time as she can be deposed—with the House of Draghul taking her place.

* * *

The House of Draghul is a faction created by one of the players in my Krevborna campaign that their character belongs to. Here's a bit about their character:

Lady Anastasia Draghul, Lamashtuan eldritch knight fighter, noble background
Anastasia was raised to be a warrior fighting for the honor of House Draghul, but she harbors doubts about her family's desire to conquer and rule.

(To give the "human" members of House Draghul a mechanical emphasis on their unnatural bloodline, we used the rules for the githyanki race to flavor their connection to Lilitu. A rival Lamashtuan noble family, House Myrkalla, will be using the rules for githzerai.)