Monday, November 12, 2018

A City of Crime

The illicit manufacture and distribution of intoxicants is a booming business in Umberwell. Blue orchid, opium, dream-milk, hallucinogenic runes, and snowleaf are peddled by alchemical drug cartels run by criminals such as the spiderfolk drug czar Mancible Raunch and the fractious sibling warlocks Liutang and Shijin Chung, as well as by independent dealers such as Quivering Nym.

Umberwell is often a battleground where opposition turns into violent crime. The contentions between the followers of the manticore meta-painter Praemen Muz and fans of Rua Ibrahim, a medusa “petrification artist” who enters contracts with the suicidal to let her immortalize them as statuary, sometimes explode into open warfare. The eternal Everwar, a cosmic struggle fought between factions of fiends and celestials across the multiverse, has been known to engulf entire wards of the city when hostilities break out anew on the Material Plane.

The population of Umberwell numbers about seven million souls—that’s a lot of pockets to pick. The thought of all that bobbin jinglin’ about in coin purses and coats makes a slickfinger tingle with anticipation.                                                           
– Saffron Mordekai, Cardinal Queens gang member

* * *

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