Monday, November 19, 2018

The Outlaw and the Warlock

Two supporting cast characters in Umberwell: the outlaw and the warlock.

Jonas “Nine Lives” Knot
Jonas Knot is a highwayman who was apprehended by thief-takers, given a fair trial by city magistrates, and summarily hanged. Fortunately for Knot, he managed to survive his execution—some catfolk really do have nine lives—and escaped to live a life of banditry once more.
    • Occupation. Outlaw highwayman.
    • Appearance. Catfolk, thuggish swagger, dingy, orange tabby fur, wears the noose from his hanging.
    • Abilities. Marksman, survivalist, banditry.
    • Traits. Violent, gallows humor.
    • Ideal. Kill the magistrate and members of the jury that sentenced him to hang.
    • Bond. Wants to gather a confederacy of rogues.
    • Flaw. Overconfident in his ability to solve all problems with a gun.

Aurelent Masque
Aurelent Masque is a powerful warlock. Everyone in the adventuring trade has heard of her daring exploits. These days she is content to delve into esoteric research rather than set out on quests, but she does enjoy lending her advice and experience to younger, less traveled picaros.
    • Occupation. Independently wealthy warlock.
    • Appearance. Dark elf, precise features, white hair in a sleek cut, scented with jasmine, wears sophisticated clothes—but only wears shades of yellow.
    • Abilities. Fey magic, arcane lore.
    • Traits. Eager to be helpful, often forgetful.
    • Ideal. Enjoy her retirement.
    • Bond. Feels that all adventurers are part of a larger family of choice.
    • Flaw. Easily distracted by books.

Easter Egg: Trey Causey named Aurelent Masque.

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