Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Umberwell: Dreamers, Elephantfolk, Hybrids

More peoples who populate Umberwell.

Dreamers are a rebirthed race; they are the souls of an insectoid species originating from a lost age of the city’s history reincarnated in bodies indistinguishable from the human form. If the theory that the city’s islands are the remains of a dead god is true, it may be the case that the insectoid souls of the dreamers achieved their initial sentience and innate psionic powers by feeding on a divine body as parasites. When they sleep they dream only of Scarabae—the precursor city that stood on the islands currently occupied by Umberwell. 

Although the elephantfolk tower over most other races in the city, they are justly famed for their delicate, steadfast attention to detail. Elephantfolk stonemasons and civic engineers are well respected in Umberwell and are responsible for many of the city’s grandest buildings. However, elephantfolk construction companies also have a reputation for exerting a controlling hand over the city’s civil projects that borders on the kind of power often exhibited by established crime syndicates. Few major construction projects break ground in Umberwell without the elephantfolk’s assent. 

Those who find themselves destitute in Umberwell have recourse to an open offer from the Ministry of Shields—undergo magical hybridization in return for a bit of coin. The Ministry of Shields is always testing potential tactical modifications for their soldiers and sailors; the impoverished supply a nearly endless population available for modification as hybrids possessing useful and unusual abilities alchemically gleaned from the animal kingdom.

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