Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Amuneta, the Liberator

Amuneta—the Liberator of Cinderheim—was imprisoned in Umberwell for sedition against the government. She escaped Bleakbone Gaol, and sought freedom in Cinderheim; other former prisoners and outcasts flock to her leadership—she promises liberty to all who can reach the Narak oasis.
  • Appearance. Half-orc, slate gray skin, short black hair in a ragged pixie cut, muscled like a warrior princess.
  • Abilities. Political history, deadly with a khopesh.
  • Traits. Idealist, more comfortable among criminals than the law-abiding.
  • Ideal. Create a homeland for the unjustly punished.
  • Bond. Amuneta maintains contact with political revolutionaries in Umberwell via sending stones.
  • Flaw. Prone to leaps of faith.
  • Warband. All able-bodied residents of the encampment can be mustered to fight on its behalf.

  • Scorpion Knights. Narak’s Scorpion Knights are the encampment’s elite troops. They are drawn from the most violent criminals who found freedom at the oasis.
  • The Dedicated. The Dedicated are a small enclave of cultists who revere Narah, the Breaker of Bonds.
  • The Children of Amuneta. The Children of Amuneta are spies and saboteurs who follow the half-orc warlord. They insinuate themselves into other encampments to sow discord and wreak havoc.

Narak is positioned as a promised land for escaped criminals, outcasts, slaves, and the persecuted. It is the only encampment that eschews the horrid practice of slavery; any who enter the encampment are considered free within its walls. Many slaves, imprisoned criminals, and half-orcs dream of reaching Amuneta’s oasis and finding liberty.
  • Population. Half of Narak’s population are half-orcs gathered to Amuneta’s banner from Umberwell. The other half of the population are mostly tieflings, catfolk, and humans.
  • Aesthetic. Buildings of stone and brick, exteriors decorated with carvings of beasts and scarab beetles.
  • Supplies. Gemstones, silver, textiles, iron. Water is drawn from a deep reservoir beneath the encampment.
  • The Purple Lotus Academy. The Purple Lotus Academy is a small school of wizardry that was founded by mages who fled persecution in other lands.
  • Monument Hall. Monument Hall is a small museum dedicated to insurgents, revolutionaries, and radicals; within the museum are statues of the world’s most renowned iconoclasts and rebels.
  • The Pyre. The Pyre is a crematorium where the bodies of the dead are burned to ash as tributes to Narah, the Breaker of Bonds.

  • Escort an escaped slave to freedom in Narak.
  • Sift through the ashes of the Pyre to find a magical artifact.
  • Discover a traitor within the Scorpion Knights who plots Amuneta’s assassination.
  • Pilfer a book of dark magic from the Purple Lotus Academy.

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