Monday, April 15, 2019

The Liberation of Wormwood is Now Available in Print and Pdf!

The Liberation of Wormwood is now available in as a print book and pdf from DriveThruRPG!

The blurb: Wormwood, the claypan frontier town in Cinderheim you call home, has been invaded by a hostile force led by a dangerous adversary. The usurper and their retinue came swiftly and without warning. The people of your town tried to resist them, but the town’s defenses were overrun and its protectors defeated.

The occupiers have put the town’s leader to the sword. The oasis farmsteads that surround Wormwood are now under the invader’s power; they have installed themselves as the ruler of the town. The people of Wormwood are broken. Most townsfolk now keep their heads down and offer only token resistance.

But this is your town, your home, your Wormwood.

You might be able to fight back against the occupiers and free Wormwood from their tyranny. You may be strong of arm and skilled with the instruments of war. You may have mastered a few arcane secrets. You may possess guile, deftness, and expertise in skulduggery. You may have the gods on your side. You and your compatriots are Wormwood’s only hope.

* * *

This book was made for people who:
  • Love letting random tables generate setting elements.
  • Prefer characters that are tied to a location rather than rootless vagabonds.
  • Want a starting scenario they can riff off and build on rather than a pre-made dungeon.

Included in this book:
  • Tables for determining who has invaded Wormwood.
  • Tables for creating characters that tie their backgrounds to who in the town raised them and their classes to which mentor took them under their wing.
  • A brief system for creating a map of the town.
  • Six "opening scenes" with which to start play.
  • Tables for events that could happen in your campaign, random encounter tables, genre conventions to draw on, and NPCs to populate the town.
  • Alternate rules for inspiration.
  • Rules and guidelines for demonic bargains.
  • Optional house rules for your consideration.

The Liberation of Wormwood is a supplement intended to help you start a campaign set in Cinderheim—an apocalyptic desert land corrupted by demons. By following the procedures in this book, your group will define Wormwood’s invader, create a cast of player characters with a deep-rooted interest in freeing their town from an occupying force, and describe an opening scene that establishes the beginning of your campaign.

Although designed for the Cinderheim setting, this product can be used with any fantasy setting. Similarly, some rules are orientated toward the fifth edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game, but it is largely stat-free and compatible with whatever system you prefer.

Obligatory pictures of the book as a physical artifact: