Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Third Eye

The Third Eye is a religious movement that believes the true goal of spiritual practice has been perverted; rather than seeking cosmic meaning through understanding the gods, the members of the Third Eye believe that the purpose of faith is apotheosis—they want to evolve into gods and goddesses capable of reshaping the world. Agents of the Third Eye tend to be mystically minded, and their members are recruited from among eccentrics interested in theology, mythic cycles, and the nature of divinity.

Life is the proving grounds of godhood.

  • The truth about divinity has been intentionally obscured by those who hold spiritual power.
  • It is possible to transcend mortality and become a god.
  • Myths are routes to godhood that can be emulated.
  • Seek out suppressed religious texts.
  • Achieve apotheosis and join the gods in the Upper Planes.

  • Undermine a church that preaches subservience to the will of the gods.
  • Make contact with a demiurge.
  • Capture a foreign priest and force them to divulge the truths of their mystery religion.

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