Monday, May 6, 2019

Five Wanderers Who Settled in Wormwood

Five Wanderers Who Settled in Wormwood
Five of the mentors on the random table that determines who taught your character the ways of their class in The Liberation of Wormwood are based on characters from my first Cinderheim campaign. I suppose this is a bit of an Easter egg for those players, but here's some of their characters' origins:

Goblin bard
Majidah was sent to the deserts of Cinderheim by her mysterious master to uncover forgotten lore pertaining to demonkind. She settled in Wormwood to teach the residents of the town the magical songs of her people.

Gith sorcerer

Yrraza is the lone survivor of a githzerai craft that crashed in the desert; she was searching for a way to return to the Astral Expanse, but settled in Wormwood to further study the power of inherent magic.

Hill dwarf fighter
Grimnor, a veteran of the War of Blue Orchids, came to Cinderheim to find his wayward son. He settled in Wormwood to serve as the town's stalwart sheriff.

Tortle druid
Banj abandoned his hermitage for reasons he never revealed. He settled in Wormwood so he could commune with the nature spirits living nearby.

Anne Bonny
Human rogue
Pulled into Cinderheim from our historical earth by strange force, Bonny resumed her career of marauding on the sand seas of the abyssal desert. She settled in Wormwood with a cache of ill-gotten booty.

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