Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Salon Sublime

The Salon Sublime is a faction comprised of hedonists, sybarites, and aesthetes devoted to seeking the most rarefied forms of pleasure and bodily gratification. Because the novelty of pleasure is fleeting, members of the Salon constantly seek new intoxicants, erotic rites, and outré experiences to excite their jaded appetites. A typical meeting of the Salon resembles an outlandish party featuring orgies, drug use, and unusual combinations of pleasure and pain. Members of the Salon tend to dress in the latest fashions, even to the point of adopting flamboyant or risqué garb that causes shocked reactions when worn in public.

Pleasure is the ultimate truth.

  • The yearnings of the soul are sated through the body.
  • Pleasure is the only thing that makes a life worth living.
  • Aesthetic discernment is the highest virtue.

  • Secure connections with Umberwell’s various gangs to obtain supplies of new, experimental drugs.
  • Maintain relationships with authority to ensure that they turn a blind eye to the Salon’s dealings.

  • Smuggle a new intoxicant into the city-state.
  • Provide material to blackmail a wealthy family into throwing an extraordinary masquerade ball.
  • Recruit a beautiful cabaret star to the Salon.

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