Monday, June 24, 2019

The Hunter of Abominations and the Viscount

Two NPCs in Cinderheim

Jada Pahl is a catfolk hunter who often roams the demonically warped wastes looking for abominations to slay. The rumor that she was a tsarevna of her people in a now-fallen kingdom follows at her heels wherever she goes. She exults in the hunt.

  • Occupation. Ranger.
  • Appearance. Catfolk, black fur, green eyes, graceful build, predatory smile.
  • Abilities. Tracking, survival, beast slaying.
  • Traits. Sharp-tongued, takes trophies from her kills.
  • Ideal. Hunt the strange monsters of Cinderheim.
  • Bond. Other catfolk find her naturally regal.
  • Flaw. Shows little regard for the feelings of others.

The Viscount, so called because of his gallant manners and eloquence of speech, is a dark elf gunslinger with a fearsome reputation. The tall tales told of his prowess with a pistol are a mixed blessing—many give him a wide berth, but others are drawn to test their skill against his at high noon under the demon sun of Cinderheim.
  • Occupation. Gunslinger and gambler.
  • Appearance. Dark elf, slim, wears his long white hair in a ponytail, affects a wide-brimmed hat and red-tinted spectacles that protect his eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Abilities. Marksmanship, gambling, intimidation.
  • Traits. Remorseless, poetic and philosophical.
  • Ideal. Die with a gun in his hand.
  • Bond. Affords everyone respect.
  • Flaw. Addicted to strong drink.

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