Monday, July 22, 2019

The Knights of Ruin

The Knights of Ruin are an outlawed cult dedicated to Vokara. The Knights of Ruin revere Vokara in her aspect of the Lady of Undeath, and the majority of the sect is comprised of undead creatures, such as vampires, ghouls, and liches. The mortal members of the cult aspire to undeath. The Knights see the People’s Covenant as guilty of obfuscating two holy truths: life is a curse to be transcended and the eternal existence granted by undeath is a sacred reprieve from mortal frailty. The Knights view the mortal world as an abject failure—they wish to enact a powerful necromantic rite that will turn the world into a blighted paradise for the unliving.

Long live the dead flesh.

  • Undeath is a sanctified state of being.
  • Mortals are nothing more than prey and beasts of burden.
  • Undeath is the only sure route to immortality.
  • Complete the horrid ritual that will usher in the Abdead Ascendancy.
  • Commit murder as a sacramental offering to Vokara.

  • Recover a unique artifact capable of the mass production of animate skeletons.
  • Free a Knight imprisoned in Bleakbone Gaol.
  • Assist a vampire hunted by fanatical slayers of the undead.

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