Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Andastros Qualenethi, the Butcher of Beren Thuul

Andastros Qualenethi was the captain of one of the most feared mercenary companies in war-torn Raben Vol Shai. When Qualenethi’s reputation as a war criminal became too infamous in the riven elven homeland, his enemies united against him. He fled Raben Vol Shai with his most loyal warriors and took control of Koraaz. His bloodthirstiness is legendary; he is spoken of in hushed tones as the Butcher of Beren Thuul.
  • Appearance. Elf, tall and imposing, gray hair and eyes, leather armor ornately detailed with floral flourishes.
  • Abilities. Master strategist, expert archer.
  • Traits. Scheming, affects a noble pretense.
  • Ideal. Create an elven kingdom in Cinderheim.
  • Bond. The warriors of his old mercenary band are absolutely loyal to his regime.
  • Flaw. Addicted to the spectacle of violence.
  • Warband. Former mercenaries under Qualenethi’s command are now Koraaz’s military force.

  • Legionnaires. The elven legions that followed Qualenethi from the battlefields of Raben Vol Shai are masters of the longsword, and highly trained in the art of fighting in formation.
  • Sand sleighs. Qualenethi’s warband is bolstered by the addition of experienced two-man sleigh teams: one expert sleigh driver and one arcane archer.
  • Nordak Rumna. Nordak Rumna is a dwarf warlock in the employ of Andastros Qualenethi. Nordak uses his powers to uncover potential threats to Qualenethi’s life.
Koraaz is supposedly the most democratic of the encampments in Cinderheim, but since the only citizens possessing the right to vote on its leadership are members of Andastros Qualenethi’s legions, the elven warlord faces no serious opposition to his continued rule.
  • Population. Half of Koraaz’s population are elven refugees from Raben Vol Shai, but large numbers of humans, half-elves, and dwarves are also present. Minotaurs and goliaths are among the minority.
  • Aesthetic. Ancient buildings of white stone, carved columns, triumphal statuary depicting revered warriors.
  • Supplies. Copper, wine, grain, leather, stone. Water is drawn from five public wells with extensive subterranean cisterns beneath the encampment.
  • The Golden Agora. A public marketplace where traders from across Cinderheim meet to peddle their wares. The Golden Agora is preyed upon by pickpockets, and is a fine place to recruit mercenaries.
  • The Cryptorum. The Cryptorum is a vast, underground dungeon in which Andastros Qualenethi keeps dissidents, prisoners of war, and lawbreakers.
  • The Sundered Temple. This temple venerates Raaz, the Praetor of Slaughter. Warriors sacrifice captured foes at the temple for Raaz’s blessing and luck in battle.
  • Assassinate a particularly cruel legionnaire general.
  • Rescue an important captive from the Cryptorum.
  • Destroy a gang of ruffians extorting protection money from the merchants of the Golden Agora.
  • Sabotage the warband’s sand sleighs before an important battle.

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