Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Remont Forest

Art by VelesPhotos
Remont Forest
Remont Forest is a small but dense woods that straddles the border between Richemulot and Borca. The forest is generally avoided, save by those seeking a miracle cure to an otherwise fatal illness. Remont Forest possesses a strange property; sometimes stricken individuals left deep within it find themselves supernaturally restored to health. 

However, most who enter Remont Forest hoping for a remedy disappear and are never heard from again.

Dread Possibilities
What heals the ill who dare venture into Remont Forest? Any of the following possibilities might be true:
  • Remont Forest is inhabited by a night hag named Honorine. Most of the sick who are left in the woods are slain and added to Honorine's stew pot. Sometimes she chooses to use her magic to cure whatever disease afflicts them. Her mercy appears to operate according to whim, but perhaps she spares those who carry a dark purpose.
  • An angel was interred within Remont Forest in a coma-like stasis. The healing power of the woods is simply the holy grace emitted by the power of the celestial's blood. Learning of the link between the angel's presence and the curative aspect of the woods poses a difficult question: would it be better to unearth and revive the angel or keep it buried and retain the woods as a place of supernatural therapeutics?  
  • There are two hidden factions who quietly make war against each other within Remont Forest. One faction is comprised of kindly fey and sylvan creatures who heal the sick they find within the woods. The other is a coterie of necromancers who collect the bodies of the dying and use them as the raw material of an undead army. If the sylvan and fey are not aided in stopping the necromancers, the undead army will eventually be unleashed on Borca and Richemulot.