Monday, July 13, 2020

The Graymalk Family

The Graymalk Family
A faction in Krevborna

The Graymalk family of witches control the town of Hemlock. The family is led by the long-lived matriarch Helena Graymalk, and it consists of her strangely innumerable daughters and the menfolk who have married into the family—men who join the clan always assume the Graymalk name, and they know better than to meddle in the affairs of the family’s women. The women of the Graymalk family serve Charnovog as his loyal handmaidens. As part of their diabolic pact, the women of the Graymalk family are obligated to wear pointed shoes. 
    • Motto. “Charnovog lives on our lips and in our hearts.”
    • Belief. Power is the strongest intoxicant.
    • Goal. To enthrone Charnovog as the lord of the world.
    • Quest. Save a witch of the Graymalk clan from burning at the stake to gain the family’s trust.