Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Rooks

The Rooks
A faction in Krevborna

The Rooks are a guild of investigators and bounty hunters. The Rooks excel at bringing the worst of the land’s criminals to justice. Many Rooks wear stylized masks to strike fear into the hearts of the criminals they pursue and to preserve their anonymity. Over the years, the Rooks have gained renown for disrupting the illegal slave trade in Piskaro, capturing several bandit warlords, and solving a number of mysterious murder cases. However, rumors that the Rooks will take innocent lives for the right handful of coins continue to dog the organization and tarnish its reputation. 
    • Motto. “We hunt the hunters.”
    • Belief. Innocence deserves protection.
    • Goal. Maintain a semblance of law and order in the absence of greater authority.
    • Quest. Apprehend a murderer currently seeking sanctuary within a church.