Sunday, February 21, 2021


I've been creating some additional content for running games set in Krevborna using the Shadow of the Demon Lord rules. Most of my efforts so far have been focused on creating ancestries. Here's my SotDL take on the seabloods, the once-human denizens of Krevborna's coastal towns who have become tainted by the corrupting magic of the demons lurking beneath the sea.

Attribute Scores Strength 10, Agility 10, Intellect 10, Will 10
Perception equals your Intellect score
Defense equals your Agility score
Health equals your Strength score
Healing Rate equals one-quarter your Health
Size 1, Speed 10, Power 0
0 Damage, 0 Insanity, 1 Corruption
Languages and Professions You speak the Common Tongue.
Shadowsight You see into areas obscured by shadows as if those areas were lit.
Swimmer You ignore the effects of difficult terrain when you swim.
Water Breathing You can breathe air and water. 

Level 4 Seablood Expert
Characteristics Health +5
You either learn one spell, discover a dark magic tradition, or gain Eldritch Mind.
Eldritch Mind You are immune from gaining Insanity and make challenge rolls against gaining the frightened affliction with 1 boon.