Inscrutable Tags Explained

5e - the post pertains to the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons
Actual Play - games were played, recaps were written for future reference
Dead Cathode Ray Eye - having to do with film or television
Backgrounds - homebrew backgrounds for use in 5e D&D
Dirgecraft - mixtapes for your listening pleasure
DM Tools - things a DM could use, be inspired by, or maybe learn something from
Gothic - the post has something to do with the Gothic genre
Herectical Sexts - the post has something do to with my favorite 'zine publisher
Horror - spooky, right?
Howls of the Damned - musical recommendations
Infinite Jest - I found it funny
Inspirations - there's something there I felt I could use in a game
Interview - people were asked questions, they answered them
Krevborna - the post has something to do with my bespoke Gothic Fantasy setting
Let Me Tell You About My Character - characters I have played in RPGs
Magic Items - loot for RPGs
Monsters - they'll probably kill you in RPGs
Musing - just thinking in public
Night Gallery - inspiring images
No Reason To Talk About the Books I Read But Still I Do - chatter about the written word
Psycho-Sexual Ravenloft - the post is part of my comical reading of the Ravenloft novels
Ravenloft - the post has something to do with the Ravenloft setting
Review - is this thing good, bad, or in-between? I'll tell you true
The Sandman - the post is part of my Sandman re-read series
Scarabae - the post has something to do with my bespoke Urban Weird setting
Scholomance - the post has something to do with my kindergoth magic school setting
Sketch - not a fully-formed setting, but maybe the beginnings of one
Total Skull - monthly recaps of things that brought me delight
Unholy Misc. - links to things of interest to me, and maybe to you
Youtube Theatre - things to watch on the tubes